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Forms and Links

Forms by the Department of Business Administration/School of Management 

  1. Thesis / Dissertation Advisor Consent Form (for Master's and PhD students; Form WORD)
  2. Application for Co-Supervision of Thesis/Dissertation (for Master's and PhD students; Form, WORD)
  3. Application for Changing Thesis/Dissertation Advisor (for Master's and PhD students; Form, WORD)
  4. Postgraduate Thesis and Academic Discipline Conformity Verification (for Master's and PhD students; Form, WORD, obligatory from winter term 2023)
  5. Application for Exemption from Doctoral Qualifying Examination (for PhD students; Form, WORD)
  6. Request for Withdrawal from Doctoral Qualifying Examination (for PhD students; Form, WORD)
  7. Application Written Exam of Doctoral Candidate Qualifying Examination (Form, WORD)
  8. Timeline Master Oral defense
  9. Timeline DBA Dissertation
  10. DBA Regulations for PhD Program, (Document, PDF)

Other NTUST forms