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The Master's in Business Administration is a full-time, two-year program offered by the Department of Business Administration (DBA) of the Taiwan Tech School of Management. We provide an advanced graduate education for students seeking careers in all areas of business or in academia. Over the years, our department has developped strengths in the fields of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, Marketing, and Strategic Management. However, In line with the School of Management's strategic plans, we have recently started to refocus our teaching and research on the digital transformation of industry. Thus, apart of the above mentioned fields, students will lso have the chance to explore new areas like big-data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence-related developments, or start-up and innovation management. 
Our fexible curriculum allows students to customize their studies and align them with their personal and professional goals by combining courses offered at the DBA with a broad range of electives offered by the School of Management, and by the business faculties of the NTU Alliance universities (National Taiwan University and National Taiwan University).
The language of instruction of our Master's program is English and Chinese, with an increasing number of courses offered in English. Depending on individual circimstances, the two-year program may also be completed in one or maximum four years of study. 
The program leads to an internationally recognized MBA-degree and is taught by experienced full-time faculty, all of whom are holding doctorates from prestigious institutions in the US, Europe, and Taiwan, and adjunct faculty with solid expertise in the world of business. Our solid alumni-network covers a wide range of industries, and  will help students to build professionals networks at early stages of their careers.


Credit requirements

Master's Program  in Business Administration 
Credit requirements

Required Courses 
Core Courses  12
Master's Thesis  0
Academic Research Ethics 0
Graduate-level courses offered by SOM or affiliated business schoools  30
Total 42

The Master's in Business Administration requires 42 credits towards graduation:
1) 12 credits must be earned from  courses offered by the DBA
2) 30 credits must be earned from electives, i.e. graduate level courses offered by departments and institutes of the Taiwan Tech School of Management or by the business faculties of NTU system universities 

Further requirements for graduation
a) A written Master’s Thesis (0 credits)

b) A seminar (3 hours) on Academic Research Ethics (0 credits) has to be completed before the end of the first year 

At the School of Management, each course is normally worth 3 credits and meets 3 hours per week over 18 weeks (one semester).


Program Structure

Students of our MBA- program enjoy great freedom in the selection of their courses. Only 12 credits (four courses) have to be earned through courses offered by the the department proper, all other 30 credits may be earned through courses from other departments/ institutes of the Taiwan Tech School of Management or affiliated business schools of the NTU system (NTU and NTNU). It is recommended to take the four DBA courses within the first year of the program to get to know instructors who could be the future advisors of your Master's thesis. Please note that electives have to be graduate-level and subject-related, i.e. they have to be courses on business and economics. If, exceptionally, a student wishes to take an elective that is offered by another faculty than a Business School, the advisor needs to give his/her approval.

The remaining 30 credits (10 courses) can be freely selected from the following four modules.There are no requirements to cover all four modules, i.e. courses can be chosen from one module only if a student wishes to concentrate on a certain area, or from different modules if students wishes to gain insights into several areas of the discipline. 

  • • Business Policy
  • • Human Resource Management
  • • Marketing Management
  • • Quantitative, Computing and Other

Please note that not all courses are offered every semester or academic year, some might only be taught every two years.The courses which are regularly offered in English are marked in red. However, as more and more English-taught courses are added to our course portfolio, you should check the current NTUST course catalogue to verify the language of instruction.  

  Modul   Courses (Each course bears 3 credits ; Red = taught in English)
  Business Policy

  ► Leadership, Strategy and Corporate Government
► Supply Chain Management
  ► International Business 

  ►Game Theory and Strategic Management 
Artificial Intelligence and Management Innovation 

 ► Competition Strategy
  ► Social Enterprises
  ► Cross-Cultural Management
 ►  Strategic  Theory


  Human Resource Management 

  ► Organizational Change Management
  ► Ethical Issues of  Managers
  ► Case Studies in Human Resources Management 
  ►  Human Resources Development  

  ► Case Studies in Managerial Psychology
  ► Seminar on Organizational Management
       Research Methods (I)

  ► The Theory of Organization
  ► Leadership and Communication

 ► International Human Resource Management  

Marketing Management

  ► Marketing Research
  ► Marketing Management
  ► Electronic Commerce 
  ► International Marketing
 ►  Services Marketing

 ► Management of Brand Equity

 ► Intellectual Property Law and Marketing Strategies 
 ► Marketing Clip Design and Practice 

 Consumer-Centric Innovation 

 ► Strategic Marketing Planning
 ► Entrepreneurial Marketing Practice
 ► Sub-consciousness and Marketing

Quantitative, Computing and Other

  ► Linear Models
  ► Seminar in Financial Accounting Theory
  ► Scale Development Theory and Application
 ► Mathematical Modeling and Evolutionary Algorithm
  ► Introduction to Mobile Business App Development


 ►  Business Research Methods
 ►  Econometrics

Structural Equation Modeling
 ►  The Methodology of Econometric Analysis
 ►  Readings of Journal Articles on Management


Academic Research Ethics Seminar

As a requirement by the Taiwan Ministry of Education, all graduate students enrolled at universities in Taiwan have to complete seminars in Academic Research Ethics (ARE) which usually consist of three teaching units, where the first two units are lectures, while the last unit is a test. All Taiwan Tech graduate students are required to attend at least one research ethics seminar before the end of the first year of studies, and to pass the ARE-exam. 

ARE seminars are not credit-bearing, but will appear in academic transcripts as PASSED with a passing grade of 70%. A successfully completed ARE seminar is a requirement for taking the degree examination of the MBA program.
Every semester, the Taiwan Tech Centre of General Education offers eight or more ARE seminars which are taught by experienced instructors focusing on different aspects of academic research ethics. The schedule and topics of ARE seminars will be announced here.


Master’s Thesis

The Master's thesis is an important part of the Master's of  Business Administration program and a requirement for graduation, although no credits are awarded for the thesis.
Choosing a topic: By the end of the first year of the program, students have to choose a thesis advisor who has to be a full-time member of the DAB faculty. Students are free to choose the topic of their thesis, but they need to get approval from their advisor at an initial stage of the thesis-writing process. Starting from the spring term 2023, graduate students are required to submit a "
Postgraduate Thesis and Academic Discipline Conformity Verification" in the early stages of the writing process, i.e. usually at the end of their 3rd semester (latest by the end of the add-and-drop -period of te 4th semester). By signing this form, the advisor confirms that the topic and content of the student's thesis is aligned with the DBA's field of expertise. If required by the topic, students can apply to invite a co-advisor from another Taiwan Tech department or from another academic institution, but co-advisors may not be from the industry or other non-academic institutions according to DBA regulations.By signing this from, the advisor confirms that the topic and content of the student's dissertation is aligned with the DBA's field of expertise.Students will work on their thesis during the second year of the program, and have to hand in a first draft of their thesis for the oral  defense. After the defense, students will have several weeks to revise their thesis following the suggestions of the Defense Committee, before it will be finally submitted. 

Download: Master's Thesis Advisor Consent Form (NTUST Student Information System)
Application for Co-Supervision of Thesis/Dissertation  (NTUST Student Information System)
Download: Application for changing Advisor  (NTUST Student Information System)  

Master’s Degree Thesis Oral Examination ("Defense"): A first draft of the thesis has to be completed and submitted to the advisor within the designated period of studies.The DBA requires students to hand in a a positive Similarity Report (less than 25%) of the Plagiarism Detection Checker software Turnitin which is provided by the NTUST libraryIf all other credit requirements are fulfilled, students can apply for the Master’s Degree Thesis Oral Examination where they have to defend their thesis to a panel of experts. Students can make suggestions on the members of the Defense Committee which has to consist of three to five members. The committee members must have research expertise in the field of the student’s research topic, and hold at least a Ph.D. degree as academic qualification. At least two members of the committee have to be from Taiwan Tech. Committee members from outside academia have to hold  "a distinguished record of achievement or practical experience in an unusual or highly specialized academic discipline or profession". Please refer to the NTUST Master’s Degree Thesis Defense Examination Regulations for more details.

Submitting the Thesis: After a successful defense, students will have to revise their thesis according to the feedback given by the committee members. The deadline for submitting the final master’s thesis (both paper and digital copies) is in the beginning of the following term/ academic year as marked in the NTUST academic calendar. One printed copy has to be submitted to the NTUST library, and one to the DBA department which will be forwarded to the National Central Library. The Turnitin report will be filed by the DBA office. As a rule, all NTUST postgraduate thesis have to be published. Under special circumstances (such as pending patent applications or publications), the student can apply for a delay of publication (“Embargo of Thesis/Dissertation”) with the NTUST Library. The application, including supporting documents, needs to be approved by the thesis advisor.

All  procedures, beginning with the registration for the defense, to the invitation of committee members, to the submission of the printed and digital copies, and the final school leaving process, are explained in detail in the information sheet Timeline for the Master’s Degree Thesis Oral Examination
 Timeline for the Master’s Degree Thesis Oral Examination

Last update: 02 Feb 2023