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oThe Department of Business Administration (DBA) offers several programs at undergraduate level, i.e. a four-year Bachelor's program, a two-year Bachelor's program, and a short sub-degree certificate program with 18 credits.

Currently, these programs do not accept international applicants.The following brief description of our four-year Bachelor'sof Business Administration (BBA) program provides an insight into the program stucture and our educational goals. An understanding of the knowledge and skills, that our students will be equipped with upon graduation, can serve as an orientation for prospective international students. Students who wish to join the Master's programs offered by the DBA are expected to have obtained an undergraduate education of similar depth and scope.

The curriculum of the BBA program offers a solid training in the foundations of business studies, such as calculus, statistics, accounting, different areas of management studies etc., but aso responds to new developments in business, by including courses on technological innovation or Artifical Intelligence applications into the program.
To ensure that theoretical knowledge is combined with hands-on practice, practical courses in the third and fourth year of studies are incorporated into our program.

Furthermore, the program includes a range of free electives, so that students may broaden their horizons and align their studies with their personal interest and strengths.
Students are also encouraged to do off-campus internships as free electives in designated companies or institutions. 


Credit requirements

The BBA Program requires 128 credits towards graduation

Bachelor''s of Business Administration
Credit requirements
Required Courses
General Courses  34
DAB Core Courses  67
Practical Course  4
Free electives       23
Total      128

 a) 67  credits must be earned from DBA core courses, i.e. required courses offered by
     the DBA (with BA course code)

 b) 34 credits must be earned from General Courses

 c) 4 credits must be earned through Practical Courses, i.e. either a Practical Project or an off-campus internship 
 d) 23 credits must be earned through free electives, i.e. any courses offered by any Taiwan Tech or by the NTU alliance universities.


At the School of Management, each course is normally worth 3 credits and meets 3 hours per week over 18 weeks (one semester).


Program Structure 

The BBA provides a solid undergraduate business education that combines obligatory core courses (67 credits) with electives and practical courses. In the first two years of the program, students with be equipped with a solid theoretical foundation in Business Administration, i.e. basic courses like calculus, statistics, introductions into economics and management and others have to be taken during the first four semesters. Obligatory courses in the first two years also include General Courses (34 credits), such as English courses, Physical Education, and Liberal Studies, which are part of the undergraduate education at Taiwan Tech. In line with Taiwan Tech's commitment to University Social Responsibility (USR), undergraduate students are required to earn one credit through an USR project as part of the Liberal Studies Courses (16 credits).
Our curriculum also allows for individual choices through free electives (23 credits), i.e students can choose any courses - including foreign languages  - offered by Taiwan Tech and its alliance universities, NTU and NTUST. As part of a well-rounded business education, hands-on training through Practical Courses (4 credits), which can be internships or practical projects, are scheduled for the third and fourth years of studies. The DBA encourages students to do off-campus internships with recognized companies and institutions for which a maximum of 9 credits can be earned (counting as free electives). Regarding the choice of companies/ institutions, length of internships, the  number of credits that can be earned etc., university-wide regulations are in place. (Please refer to information provided by the Office of Students Affairs.) 

 1st Year (Freshmen)
1st semester   11 credits  2nd semester   8 credits 
     ► Economics I           3           ► Calculus           3     
     ► Digital Business and Marketing           3           ► Economics II           3     
     ► *Business Brand Storytelling: Practical Writing in English           2           ► *Business Brand Storytelling: English Speaking Training           2     
     ► Management and Business Ethics           3           
General Courses 11 credits General Courses 11 credits
Chinese  3 Chinese  3
Physical Education 0 Physical Education 0
Liberal Studies  2 Liberal Studies  3
English  4+2 English  4+2
 2nd Year (Sophomore)
1st semester   9 credits  2nd semester  12 credits
► Statistics I 3 ► Statistics II 3
► Cost Accounting 3 Human Resource Management  3
► Marketing Data Science 3 ► Management Accounting 3
    ► Marketing Management 3
General Courses 6 credits General Courses 6 credits
► Liberal Studies (3 courses à 2credits) 6 ► Liberal Studies (3 courses à 2credits) 6
► Physical Education 0 ► Physical Education 0
3rd  Year (Junior )
1st semester   12 credits  2nd semester  11 credits
Financial Management 3 ► Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3
Supply Chain Management 3 ► Artificial Intelligence Application 3
Analysis of Statistical Practices 3 ► Commercial Law 3
Leadership 3 ► Practical Course  (2)
General Courses 0 credits General Courses 0 credits
► Physical Education 0 ► Physical Education 0
4th Year (Senior)
1st semester  8 credits 2nd semester  2 credits
►Strategy Management 3     



► Artificial Intelligence Application 3
► Practical Course  (2)