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Research at the  Department of Business Administration focuses on Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, Marketing, and Strategic Management, which broadly reflect the research interests of our faculty.
In recent years, we have begun reorienting our research towards the Digital Transformation of Industry, following the strategic direction of the School of Management. The broad cover of Digital Transformation of the Industry includes research areas like data-driven decision making, e-commerce, crypto-currencies, and other Artificial Intelligence-related developments, but also fields like entrepreneurship in emerging industries, start-ups and innovation management. 
The following list provides an overview of our research labs and the supervising professors.

Research Laboratory  Research focus/ Introduction
 Marketing and Artificial Intelligence (MA-504)
 Supervising Professor: Cou-chen Wu

We pursue research on various topics in the fields of brand management, marketing and artificial intelligence, and strategic marketing; our approach of cross-disciplinary integration leads to innovative research results

  EcooLab (E-Commerce Lab) (T2-409 ) 
  Supervising Professor: Luarn, Pin
Electronic Commerce, Internet Marketing, Digital Advertising, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs

  Agile Organization (T2-302-2 )
  Supervising Professor: Jen-Wei Cheng

Organization theory, Leading organizational change, Voice behavior, and Leadership

  High-Tech Industry and Artificial Intelligence (T2-409)
  Supervising Professor: Shun-chiao Chang

Game theory and empirical research in the semi-conductor industry; communication and flat panel display industries; AI applications 

  Career management (MA403)
  Supervising Professor: Ying-Jung Yeh

Our lab focuses on career-related issues such as work-life balance, meaning of work, career change, workplace ethics, multi-country comparative studies, and career diversity and inclusion.We are concerned with corporate policies as well as the workplace environment, mental health and daily life of employees. The areas we cover include human resource management and organizational behavior.

  Real World (T2-409)
  Supervising Professor: Yi-Ying Chang

We pursue cross-disciplinary research in the areas of strategic ambidextrous, cross-cultural marketing, strategic human resource management, multinational corporations, and the diagnosis of new and established organizations.Through quantitative and qualitative research, as well as textual analysis tools, we provide companies and students with a complete set of "Zero distance" methods to solve  problems.

  Global Marketing and  Innovation (MA-505)
  Supervising Professor: Li-Huei Sheng
International Marketing; High-Tech Marketing; Digital Marketing, Consumer Behavior;  Disruptive Technologies; Breakthrough Innovation; Global Marketing Innovation; Future Marketing
  Mobilized Digital Services (MA-402)
  Supervising Professor: Su-Seng Tsang
Service design and innovation involving mobile gadgets
  Cross-Cultural Management (T2-302-1)
  Supervising Professor: Chung-Wen Chen
Cross-cultural management; Anomie theory and its application
   Neuromarketing and Entrepreneurial Marketing (MA-401)
  Supervising Professor: Hui-Chih Wang
Neuromarketing Strategies, Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategies, Consumer Behavior, Online Persuasion Strategies
  Financial Accounting (MA504 )
  Supervising Professor: Chii-Shyan Kuo
Corporate social responsibility, corporate tax avoidance, top executive compensation, financial statement analysis, etc.
  Behavioral Science  Management (T2-410)
  Supervising Professor: Yi-Tai Seih
Annoying behaviors in the workplace; Consumer behavior;  Impulsive Buying Behavior; Managerial psychology; 
  Data Driven Decision Making  (T2-302-2 )
  Supervising Professor: Shih-Hao Lu

Research areas include mathematical modeling of logistics and transportation problems, supply chain management, and data analytics in business related fields. 

  Branding & Marketing Analytics (T2-302-1)
  Supervising Professor: Chia-Lin Lee

We focus on data-driven and quantitative analysis on branding- and marketing-related issues..

  Human Resource Development (MA-401)
  Supervising Professor: Mei-Tzu Huang
The foci of the lab are the three main areas of Human Resource Development, namely training and development (T&D), career development (CD), and organizational development (OD). Other research topics we address including but not limited to wokplace learning, team learning, work ethic, meaningful work, ageing workforce, leadership, work-life balance, and other HRM and HRD related topics

  UVCA & STR (MA-402)
  Supervising Professor: Tung M. Hung

This lab explores uncertainty (U), volatility (V), complexity (C), and ambiguity (A), and their interactions with corporate strategies and performance. Research areas: Competitive Strategy, Cooperative Strategy, Co-opetition Strategy, Platform Strategy, Industry Analysis and Corporate Valuation, International Business, Global Innovation and Venture Management, Decision Making under uncertainty
  Consumer and Business Services Marketing (MA-403)
 Supervising Professor: Haw-Yi Liang

Focusing on the service encounter, delivery and interaction, this lab explores the customer relationship management and value co-creation within B2C and B2B contexts.

The Pricing and Fairness Research Lab(MA-509-1)
Supervising Professor: Karl Akbari
The Pricing and Fairness Research Lab is a multidisciplinary research center that seeks to advance the understanding and practice of innovative pricing strategies. Currently, we are investigating participative pricing strategies such as pay-what-you-want, algorithmic pricing, and pricing in streaming.
Organizational Behaviors and HR system(MA-509-1)
Supervising Professor:Tuong-Vy Nguyen
We strive to advance our understanding of how organizations can create productive work environments. Our research focuses on exploring the role of Human Resource Systems and other Organizational behaviors in driving organizational success. We investigate a variety of topics, including HR System, Leadership, Team Processes, Employee Motivation, and Job Satisfaction.

Last Update: 28 April 2022